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SOSM Pocketcoco 是一款快速、方便且营养丰富的代餐,混合了植物蛋白,脂肪酸,多酚,抗氧化剂,维生素和天然矿物质。


– 抗氧化

– 加强吸收能力

– 防止身体吸收脂肪

– 防止肥胖的疾病

– 增强饱腹感

– 限制热量摄入

– 提升脑部发育

– 提升专注力

– 不容易疲劳

– 提升记忆力


SOSM Pocketcoco is a quick, convenient, and nutrient-dense meal replacement taht offers a blend of plant-based protein, essential fatty acids, polyphenols, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals from natural source.

🌰 POCKETCOCO 10 Benefits

– Prevent oxidative stress

– Enhance absorptive capacity

– Increase satiation

– Limit calorie intake

– Improve concentration and multitasking skills

– Reduce risk of obesity

– Improve brain development

– Prevent fatigue

– Improve short-term memory

– Prevent fats absorption




Frequently asked questions

经期期间能否服用 CO?是什么原因月经期间不能服用呢?

一般上建议经期后才服用产品或是经期 3-4 天月经量少再继续服用。因为月经期间是我们女人身体排毒素的时候,在这个时间服用瘦身产品会被当成毒素排出体外,这样服用瘦身产品是没有效果或是效果不明显。

服用 CO 会不会导致胸部收缩 变成小胸部?

CO 是保健品,辅助你养成易瘦体质,不会瞬间导致胸部变小。

停用 CO 后是否会出现反弹效果?

CO 都是天然成分,停用了也不会出现反弹效果;当然要保持身材也必须控制饮食,不要暴饮暴食。


建议每天饮用 2500ml – 3000ml 的水。每天 3000ml 或以上(根据个人情况)可以帮助加快身体的新陈代谢,对喝温水可以让你达到更好的效果。






不建议同时服用,需分时间段来服用;与其他 SOM1 产品配搭会达到更好的效果。





PCO 产品是局部瘦身还是全身?

PCO 是帮助全身瘦的。

Orangeprox 建议酒前还是酒后服用?

Orangeprox 酒前酒后都可以服用,只是他们的功效不一样。酒前服用会没那么容易喝醉;酒后服用会有帮助解酒醒酒的功效。

服用 Orangeprox 后,通常会排便几次?

一般是 1-3 次,超过也没关系;因为每个人的体质不一样,所以排便次数不一样是正常的。

Pocketcoco 的饱腹感可以维持多长的时间?

Pocketcoco 一般可以维持 4 个小时;配搭牛奶/豆奶可增加饱腹感。

为什么服用 pocketcoco 之后会想要排便的感觉?

因为它里面是有一个成分防止身体吸收脂肪,所以 pocketcoco 可以防止脂肪吸收转换成排便。

Is it necessary to stop CO during the menstrual period? What is the reason cannot be taken during menstrual period?

It is recommended to consume after the menstrual period ended or only continue to consume if the menstrual flow is lower on 3-4 days of menstrual period. Menstrual period is the time for us to detoxify our bodies. If consume CO at this time, it will be excreted as a toxin. Thus, the products consumed will be ineffective or unnoticeable.

Will my breast shrink and become small after consuming CO ?

This is a health care product which helps you to develop a body that can lose weight easily. At the same time, it will not cause breasts to become smaller.

Will there be a rebound effect after I stop consuming CO ?

CO is formulated with natural ingredients and there will be no rebound effect after stop consuming. Of cause, if you like to keep you body in shape, It is also necessary to keep control of your food intake. Don not overeat and keep a good healthy daily life routine.

Do I need to increase my daily water intake after consuming this product?

After consuming the products, is it recommended to drink 2500ml – 3000ml of water ever day (depends on individual conditions). Drinking plenty of water may help to boost your metabolism and achieve better results in losing weight.

How many days does it take to see the effect?

Generally, changes can be seen in 2 weeks. Usually in a course of treatment. A course of treatment is 2-3 months.

What age group is suitable to consume this product?

Suitable for adults who wants to lose weight, office wakers, large appetite and individual with obesity (18y/0 above).

If I have taken other detoxification products or replacement products, can I take them together?

Is is not recommended to consume different slimming products at the same time. It should be taken in different period. But consuming with other SOM1’s product will achieve better result.

Are there any special precautions required when consuming this products?

In order to achieve better results, try to adjust a good and healthy life routine. Avoid staying up late at night, do not overeat and not to skip meals.

Is it normal of being stuck at a weight-loss plateau during the intake of the product?

Yes, it is normal. No matter which way you use to lose weight, at the moment you start to lose weight, it will be the glycogen that you are going to lose, instead of fats. Therefore, when you start to lose weight, you will find that your weight is decreasing rapidly. But when your glycogen consumption is pretty much, your body starts to burn off fat .

It is partial slimming or whole body?

PCO mainly focuses on full body slimming.

Orangeprox is recommended to consume before or after drinking alcohol?

Orangeprox can be taken either before or after alcohol, but the effects will be different. Taking before alcohol can help to reduce the chances of getting drunk; taking it after alcohol can help to sober up.

How many times does it count as normal to have defecation after taking the product?

Generally, it will be 1-3 times if the number of defecation exceeds; it is normal as well because everyone’s constitution os different.

Pocketcoco can satiety how long?

Pocketcoo can generally helps on tolerate satiety for 4 hours. Serve with milk/soya milk can help to enhance satiety.

Why will feel like going to the toilet after consuming pocketcoco?

It is normal because there is an ingredient in it that helps to prevent the body from absorbing fat and transforming them into defecation.